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The sound of Taipei

Taipei Soundscape Program

MRT Station Ambient Music Competition

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Space explore

Space explore

Every single place has its own sound. It could be the roar of the crowd or the cries of street vendors.
So, what else do you feel when you are in the following places?
Let's go find out by moving your mouse onto the in the MRT Station Sound Image.

Taipei Sounds

Taipei Soundscape Program

With the busy streets of Taipei carrying heavy traffic flows everyday,
MRT has become an indispensable public transportation for the people in Taipei.
Have you ever opened your ears to those beautiful melodies hidden in the sounds of Taipei City?

Since 2015

"Taipei Soundscape Program" initiated jointly by Taipei City Government and Metro Taipei have brought melodies to MRT stations. Beep sound at the gates of Taipei Metro Railway System were replaced by two pleasant piano notes and the alert sound reminding passengers on board to get off at the transfer and terminal stations were replaced by pre-recorded music.

MRT station ambient music

For the first stage of the ambient music project in 2016, Taipei City Government changes the acoustic environment and atmosphere of stations by inviting 5 professional musicians to create ambient music for each of the 5 MRT stations: Tamsui station, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall station, Xiaobitan station and Zhongshan Junior High School Station.

The second stage of program

The project aims to play ambient music combining local soundscape and land art in 5 MRT stations: Songshan Airport Station, Taipei Arena Station, Longshan Temple Station , Xiangshan Station and Dongmen Station. To invite musicians of all countries to create ambient music integrating the history and culture of the places .

Register Information

Register Requirements

Application Requirements

• Application Dates: March 15 - May 15, 2017 at 17:00.
• This competition is open to all musicians regardless of their nationalities.
• Applicants may either submit an individual application or a group application (no restrictions to the number of people attended).


• The length of each work shall be 3-5 minutes, there are no restrictions to the music style, form of music and instrument used in the works.
• You may mix the samples provided by Taipei City Government into your music; however, it is not necessary to use the samples and it will not affect your scores.
• You may mix the characteristics of the local environment of the 5 MRT stations into your music.


• Each work shall only be designed for 1 station and be submitted for only one time.
• Applicants who are under 18 years old shall submit Attachment 2 Parental Consent .
• All works shall be original. The main creator shall submit Attachment 1 Copyright License Agreement for references.

Judging Criteria

• The jury is comprised of professionals who are specialized in areas such as songwriting, audio engineering and film score.
• The compatibility between music and local characteristics 30%, Composing and Instrument Arrangement 30%, Production Quality 20%, Creativity 20%.
• A winner for each MRT station and award each NT$80,000 in prize money.
• Two honorable mentions for each station and award each NT$ 10,000 in prize money.

Station Information

Station Line Cultural Characteristics
Songshan Airport Station Wenhu Line Stories about flying, traveling, dreams, and goodbye and reunite…
Taipei Arena Station Wenhu Line Concert, energetic people, a place for performances and music festivals…
Longshan Temple Station Wenhu Line Historical sites of Taiwan, prayers in the temples, the scent of incense, good luck and fortune…
Xiangshan Station  Wenhu Line Nature as classroom and a quiet place amid the hustles and bustles of city...
Dongmen Station Zhonghe-Xinlu Line Places with culture and history, Dongmen market and Taiwanese street foods sold on Yongkang Street …



The competition totally received 447 pieces of work. Congratulations to all the winners below:

Songshan Airport Station

Award Title Composer
Winner 漫遊旅人 張君慈
Honorable Mention Fly Away 馮德明
Honorable Mention 《飛船》 A root同根生:陳淯歆、林喬、林琬婷、楊智博、鄭皓羽

Taipei Arena Station

Award Title Composer
Winner 都市精神 馬一先
Honorable Mention Welcome To My World 林品宏
Honorable Mention 夢想音樂會 陳彥百

Longshan Temple Station

Award Title Composer
Winner 薪火相傳 張詠橋
Honorable Mention 《鬧三仙》 A root同根生:陳淯歆、林喬、林琬婷、楊智博、鄭皓羽
Honorable Mention 眾神祈福 劉宇軒、許啟隆

Xiangshan Station 

Award Title Composer
Winner 輕快的步伐 高敏倫
Honorable Mention 聲景 鄭乃瑄
Honorable Mention 石階上的歸途 陳怡均

Dongmen Station

Award Title Composer
Winner 戲遊東門 文尹宸、許啟隆
Honorable Mention 東門隨想 張詠橋
Honorable Mention 成長的太快 吳修銘

Register Form

Register Form

Create your own music pieces for Taipei by combining the cultural characteristic of places in Taipei with the sounds of MRT stations then you may have a chance to hear your own music works in these stations!
Please download and read the rules and agreements carefully before you send your registration form.

Format and agreements (中文)
Format and agreements (English)
Complete package of materials (120Mb)